Automatic solar cover reels


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Aug 8, 2015
Bedford, NH
Has anyone used these automatic reels? Some are electric, some battery and some are solar powered. Pricey ($900-$1300) but make the use a simple one person operation. I am wondering if anyone has used them, what brands they recommend, an if they work as advertised.


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Hi Zolar, and Welcome to TFP,

I gave up on a solar cover, and sometimes think about one again, but hopefully some members with those type can weigh in. Good luck, and enjoy your stay on TFP.


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Apr 27, 2012
Grand Rapids, MI
Solar, I don't have an automatic reel but was wondering if you looked at Rockys Reel -- many forum members have said this manual reel is manageable for one person to crank.

I have one I will install in a few weeks.

I did look at the retrofit automatic covers with rails but discovered I don't have the height needed under my diving board or the footprint suited o the side it was considerably more expensive than what you're talking about.

Can you pat a Link to the products you've been looking at?