Automatic pool filler making noise


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Jun 12, 2019
I have an automatic pool filler, have had it for years. The original required replacement and I replaced it with a korky. After a short time, when the filler drops and puts water in the pool it makes a clunking sound you hear in the house. I replaced it again, the sound went away for a while, but now it's back. I believe it has something to do with turning the water on and off at the korky. I don't hear anything like that if I turn the water in the house on and off. Any suggestions on what I need to do to fix the problem?


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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
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Sounds like it may be water hammer. The pipes are vibrating or banging from the autofill being opened/closed quickly. If you turn the water to the autofill off and remove the Korky/ballcock, is there a washer with a small hole in it in the bottom of the opening? That washer restrict the flow and diminishes the affect of quickly opening/closing the autofill, causing what you are describing.

Here's one similar to mine: Autofill Restrictor Seal. I would guess you could make one easily enough. Find a round plastic disc the correct diameter and drill a hole in the center about as big around as a #2 pencil lead.