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May 17, 2010
GTA Ontario

Moving into a new house in mid-August and I'm trying to work out some of the security/pool safety details.

See attached pic.

[attachment=0:1brtoeia]97 Back1430.jpg[/attachment:1brtoeia]

The garage is behind the house and it's accessed via a single lane driveway that you can see on the right hand side of the attached picture. Once you've passed through the chain link gate on the RHS of the picture you have access to the garage, backyard and pool.

I'll be installing a safety fence from the LHS of the garage, across the yard to the opposite fence to isolate the pool from the rest of the yard/driveway. That should add a little more safety keeping my 4 & 7 year old kids out of the pool.

Regarding the existing gate, it meets code but it isn't very convenient. The current owners don't park their cars in the garage, I intend to. We're not too excited about getting out of the car to open/close the gate all the time to access the garage. I think an automatic gate opener/closer would make life a lot easier.

Does anyone have any experience with either Lift Master LA400 or Mighty Mule FM 352 Gate Openers?

I'd likely install a new gate, I'm not 100% sure an automatic opener can be used on a chain link gate.



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Apr 4, 2007
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My neighbor has a Mighty Mule, and I'm not aware of any complaints he has. I'd recommend you get one with a battery backup, especially if your door opener has one. Nothing like coming home in a storm and having to get out and open a gate.


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May 9, 2010
Western Pennsylvania
You can get mighty mule openers that work of a battery and solar if you dont have a way of getting power there.
Im planning to buy a mighty mule double opener for my business.

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