Automatic cover rope specs?


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Jun 12, 2009
Central Illinois
Our Coverstar cover is on its 6th season. When I opened this year, I noticed a critter made a cozy winter home in the recessed box, next to the motor. Unfortunately, said critter used bits of fiber pulled from the ropes to make their place cozy.

The rope is still pulling the cover, and the cover is still moving smoothly, but I've concluded that I want to re-string the rope (the cover still has at least a few seasons left in it). I'd like to be strategic and take my time about this, as opposed to waiting for the rope to break and finding myself thrust into crisis mode. :?

I know I need strong, low-stretch kind of stuff, and have found some places online that sell rope for climbing and other high-strength applications. My question is HOW strong must it be? Does anyone on the board have knowledge of minimum diameter and/or tensile strength specs?
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