Automatic cleaner with odd-shaped pool?


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Jun 11, 2007
Bradenton, FL
I apologize for starting a new thread on this, but this specific issue doesn't seem to be addressed elsewhere.

I have been reading everything I can find about this on here and It seems that the majority of folks have rectangular pools, which makes sense. What I can't find are people talking about a good automatic cleaning solution for alternative shaped pools. I have a new 18x37 vinyl IG desert oasis by Esther Williams.

For those of you with odd shapes, what are you using to clean it?

From what I read, Dolphins can be garbage and the Blue Pearl is no good for shaped pools. I've heard that Kreepy Krauley type cleaners have to be watched constantly and can cause liner rips by getting stuck in odd-shaped pools. The only things I can even find as viable options are Aquabot and Polaris 360. I like the idea of a robot, but the price scares me.

It looks like the original Aquabot can be had on ebay for around $750. Does anyone have experience with this model with a shaped pool? Does it work well?

How about anyone with the Polaris 360 on a shaped pool? At half the price of the bot, I wouldn't mind this option if it worked well. I have 4 returns on the pool (2 on steps, 1 on each side of pool), so I could steal one for cleaning use. But it would be a pain to pipe in a booster with the way they've done my plumbing. So, that's why I am specifically looking at the 360.

Any opinions are much appreciated.



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My pool is similar in shape to yours. Although I have the Polaris 280 (booster pump), I can tell you that it handles the cleaning just fine in my pool. I know that pressure on the return plays a large role on how efficient the 360 will be. There are more individuals on this site that will provide you with more details. Good luck on your choices.


My pool is fiberglass, is hourglass shaped, and has built in wedding cake steps that wrap around the shallow end and had a swim ledge in the deep end. I use a Zodaic Mars HP pressure side cleaner and it covers all of my pool except for the top step (water is too shallow for it to climb up to it) and the swim ledge (once again, water is too shallow on the ledge). I directed one of my returns to send water across the steps and one of my water features (a spillover pot) falls on the swim ledge so I have not had to even brush them off. They stay clean from the water movement. I have not manually vacuumed my pool since I installed the cleaner!



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Apr 24, 2007
Ashland PA
It's the aquabot Brava - This is the second year (well third, I got it in August of 05). We got it because it had a four year full warranty. I had the regular aquabot from 2000 till 2005. They are expensive and when parts go they are really expensive :( , but I really love the fact that I can have a really clean pool without vacuuming. :-D