Automatic cleaner recommendation


Jun 17, 2010
Southington, CT
I’m looking for a recommendation for an automatic pool cleaner. I was originally considering buying a robot like the Aquabot, but after reading on this forum, it seems that a lot of people have issues with them breaking down often. I like the idea that it will provide additional filtering to the pool and “polish” the water. I also like the idea that it will clean the walls and steps in addition to the bottom of the pool. However, I am having trouble justifying spending that much money on something that may not last that long and will constantly need to be repaired.

Are there any other automatic pool cleaners that will do this for me? I have no problems using a suction side cleaner. Additional backwashing is really no big deal. I hear that the Kreepy Krawly will climb the walls, but will it also clean the steps? How is the Kreepy with leaves? Is it reliable? How long would it take (roughly) to clean an 18 x 36 grecian? Are there any other cleaners I should be looking at?

I know that these are a lot of questions, but I want to be fully informed before I spend the money.

Thanks in advance!

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