Autofill/Waterfall both not working


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Feb 24, 2021
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New pool build here and I am for sure showing my lack of knowledge. Little background is that we had nothing but disagreements with our PB, entire experience was nothing short of a nightmare, but the pool is finally done. We are at about 3 weeks from fill date, PB told us zero about how to operate anything and our pool service has advised that our autofill is not working and we don't even know how to turn on the waterfall. I'm thinking the waterfall is the black handle, but not sure. I've tried to figure this out myself, but everyone's set up's seem so different I just don't want to inadvertently break something.
PB is not responding to our requests for info. My questions are 1. what valve is the water valve for the autofill? 2. does the pump need to be on for the sheer descent waterfall to work?
I've attached pictures of the entire set up and would be so grateful for some expert advice.


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May 20, 2020
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Welcome to TFP and your first post.
You have one suction line into your Variable Speed pump. Is that coming from a skimmer? Do you have more than 1 skimmer?

It then leads into the filter and from the filter it goes through your SWCG and then to a 3 way valve (that black valve). The flow can 2 ways to either of the pipes or can simultaneously go to both pipes. The way the black valve handle is set now is that the flow will go to the left pipe and no flow to the right pipe. If you rotate it 180 degrees then the opposite will occur - the left will be shut off and all flow to the right pipe. If you only rotate the handle 90 degrees, you will have flow to both pipes at the same time. Do you know which pipe flows to your sheer decent and which will flow to your pool returns? You need to have water in your pool and the pump running for either to flow.

Since you have an IntelliCenter, that black valve should be automated with a controller attached to it so you can hit a button on your phone app to rotate the valve. Right now you have to do it manually.

The other pump you show is a booster pump for your pool cleaner.

Next to the pump is a blue round handled valve. That could be the water line to your auto-fill. You need to verify that. The auto-fill works like your toilet float. As the water goes down the float will sink and open up the water line to fill the pool. Once the float rises to a set point, it will close the line. The manual valve appears to be just an on-off valve but again you need to verify that.

Hope this helps.