Autochlor RP25T chlorinator - voltage check


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Dec 1, 2014
Mountain Creek
Hi Guys,

I seem to be having production issues with my AIS Autochlor chlorinator ... and having already replaced the 13 plate cell with a new one, I'm now hoping I'm not in for a new power supply.

I'd really appreciate someone with technical understanding of the product to be able to advise.

I've taken a multimeter reading across the terminals whilst the chlorinator is in forward mode and I see a typical voltage of 5.3volts.

With the old cell in place this voltage was strangely higher at 5.9 volts.

I'm not able to get a current reading - due to the chlorinator circuitry protection kicking in when I add the multimeter in series to the circuit.

Does the 5.3voltage seem correct for this model chlorinator? Bearing mind this is a 25T with 13 plates.

Thanks for your help!