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Apr 21, 2010
Torrance, CA
Hi All. As part of a pool remodel a couple of months ago we had a new auto cover installed. It worked well for about a month when it suddenly started to get stuck when opening. I took a look in the enclosure and noticed that when they installed it they made an error routing the stainless cables on one side causing the cable to rub against a screw instead of the pulley. See below.
I removed the screw to let the cable fall back onto the pulley and then replaced the screw. After that the cover seemed to work a bit better. First question, the cable is frayed a bit due to rubbing on the screw for a month, not badly but enough that you can see it if you look closely and definitely feel it if you touch the cable (Ouch!). Will this cause additional damage and should they replace this cable?

The cover still does not operate as smoothly as it did when it was installed. It has developed a high pitched squeal which seems to emanate from where the shaft passes through the whitish piece just below the cable reels in the picture below and occasionally when opening it hangs up so that I have to release the open switch and then flip it again at which point it opens the rest of the way. Can anyone educate me on what may be going on here? I'm trying to get the builder to come out and look but have not been pushing them too hard.

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Jun 7, 2018
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Good eye spotting & photographing the mis-routed cable. With the cover being that new, the installer needs to fix it under warranty. If your sticking problem is reproducible, it's their responsibility and they will know that when they see it. The frayed cable will eventually destroy the plastic pulleys it touches. Pulleys are wear items, but not this soon after installation.

If you can't get them to come out, you can try lubricating it. My understanding is to use silicone spray on plastic pulleys and lithium spray on metal parts unless you have instructions that say differently. [EDIT but my auto-cover uses ropes, not metal cables, so maybe it's different.] Just make sure you touching it doesn't void the warranty, although I don't see why it should.


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Apr 21, 2010
Torrance, CA
Thanks for the reply. The cover installer came out and greased the two "brakes" with lithium grease to stop the squeaking. They adjusted the clutch to keep it from hanging up during opening. They are going to replace the cables too but will have to come back for that.
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