Auto Chlorinator and CYA levels


Jun 30, 2020
Middle Georgia
We will be replacing our 12x24 soft side intex pool in about a month. We are patiently waiting on a new Discovery LX Hybrid Resin 15x30 (about 11,500 gal). We have going to have it set up with a 2 speed Hayward 1.5 hp pump and a 19" sand filter. We will have dual floor drains and a skimmer as well. We intend on running the pump on a timer 18 hrs a day. We are looking at having an auto chlorinator installed at the same time. I am wondering what to expect when it comes to our CYA levels for this size of pool? How fast will these creep up? Should I be able to simply not put pucks in the chlorinator when we want to use liquid chlorine? Basically, if we will be away for a week or so, I want to have to option to sanitize using liquid or 3" tabs.


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Dec 31, 2019
Houston, Texas
Install the “Pool Math“ app on your phone or tablet. There is a feature called “Effect Of Adding” where it will calculate these kinds of things. You’ll also need to Input the size of your pool in gallons.

I’m assuming the “auto chlorinator” you mention is a tablet feeder? Each trichlor tablet is 1/2 pound, so you can use that size in the Pool Math app.