Auqarite generator - only power light comes on - no other li


New member
Sep 18, 2010
My unit is 3-4 years old and it has stopped generating. The only light that comes on is the Power. The display reads 0 for the salt, all others including temp seem to be working. The real time salt number is also zero. I have called mfg and they have walked me through a 10 sec diognostic check and said I need to call a service man. The board is probably bad. I pulled the board to inspect and did notice some discoloration around the thermistor on the top right. I replaced this just in case but results are the same. I did not think this was the problem since the power light was on but thought it was worth the effort. The other thing I notice was the transormer gets fairly warm but don't think that is a problem. I have opened and cleaned the cell and checked the flow meter thing to make sure it was not broken off or damaged. Any thoughts...I have been working on this problem for 3 weeks now and am getting desperate.