Atwood's liquid chlorine (Online brand liquid shock)


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Jul 31, 2015
Southeastern Oklahoma
Atwood's liquid chlorine (10%) usually sells for $1.99 on sale, but due to Covid and shortages, it is selling for $2.47 gallon this year in Broken Arrow, Checotah, McAlester, and Coweta which are all in Oklahoma. I assume it will be the same price in states close to Oklahoma.

I know they keep a supply stacked in the stores, but I don't know if they keep the larger stock outside and replenish the inside stock periodically. No one at the stores know or maybe they just won't tell me.

This brand does not put a manufactured date on their bottles, but they have a Best By date of May 2022. I have tried to contact the company, but they will not respond.

How will I know if the chlorine is still effective? I don't want to buy 3 months of plain water with no chlorine in it.
How can I test it? I need to start the SLAM process.

I know Wal-Marts within a 100 mile radius is out of stock of their Pool Essentials chlorine, and I know Home Depot and Lowe's is selling last year's supply (which is kept outside so I don't want that old stock). No Menard's, Krogers, Pinch a Penny, etc anywhere near me. No liquid chlorine at Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, or Sam's Club. Can't find a place that sells refillable jugs either. I have looked from Tulsa to McAlester in Oklahoma.

If the Atwoods supply is not good, does anyone have a suggestion for bleach brands? We have Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Walmart within a half hour away.



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Jan 17, 2012
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I copied this from an old thread - Testing strength of liquid chlorine

Measure 100mls of water and place in a cup.
Using your 1ml syringe, remove 1 ml of water
Add 1ml of your 10% Bleach solution and mix well.
This is your first 1:100 dilution

To another cup, add 100mls of water.
Using your 1ml syringe, remove 1 ml of water
Add 1ml of your 1:100 dilution solution from the above step and mix well.
You now have your 1:10,000 dilution needed for your test

Let us know how it goes :)

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May 7, 2014
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It's still $1.99 a gallon at my Atwood's in South Arkansas. I have 3 cases (12 bottles) of it. I used it throughout the winter since I had my SWG disabled due to water temp. I also use it in my hot tub daily and it raises the level the projected amount. I know this does not help you, I am just saying what I have bought from my local Atwood's is good.

You can test it.... @YippeeSkippy posted a method.


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Jul 21, 2014
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One simple dilution test -- measure a half gallon and pour into a 15,300 gallon container; your signature says you have one of those.:) Measure the FC before and ~30 minutes after (you can use the 25ml test for more precision). That'll be close enough to figure out if it's close to full strength or not.


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Apr 6, 2018
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I honestly think this is over hyped. I think it’s more a function of where u store it. I bought 6 bottles of LC at Home Depot a year ago just to keep on hand. I keep it in my house in a closet. I dumped in some of that LC last week. I measured my FC at the end of the day and it was dead on to what it should be. I’ve done this multiple times over the years with same results. If it “degradates” I think it’s minimal at worst. Again in my opinion more a function of where it’s stored.
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