Astral Victoria Plus - Variable Speed

Jun 30, 2012
Does anyone know if my Astral Victoria Plus 1.5hp pump can be controlled with one of the electronic variable speed drives?



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May 3, 2007
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You will have to be more specific. The drive for a VS pump is usually included with the pump (e.g. the keypad on the top of the motor is the drive) and that brand specifically has the motor and drive included.

But if you are really asking if a standard "controller" can control that specific VS pump, then the answer is maybe. Most controllers can usually turn on and off a VS pump but if you want to be able to program speeds, you will normally need to stick with the same brand as the pump.

What controller do you have?
Oct 12, 2016
It can, it is called a VFD (Variable Frequenecy Drive), in practice however it is not so easy to choose the correct VFD for your pump.
Call the people at VFD, Inverters, AC Drives | for assistence or contact your local electrician.
In theory you can turn any pump into a variable speed pump,
I did it with mine Hayward Superpump (see signature).
Sometimes the cost of a sperate VFD is greater than that of a complete VSD pump, so always be carefull about economics.