Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains


Aug 19, 2018
Deer Park/NY
Hi. I have some stains on my vinyl pool liner that have already responded to ascorbic acid treatment 2 years ago but the spots only got lighter, they didn't completely go away and I just stopped trying. I want to try and get rid of them completely and so I was reading the article about ascorbic treatment to rid pool of metal stains (Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains). I see that it says that the chlorine level should be 0 so I'm assuming that when I open my pool that should be the perfect time to do this before adding any chemicals. Am I correct? Also, once the stain is gone it says to add a sequestering agent...what is that? I have never heard of that. Can someone recommend a good brand and suggest where I even buy this? Thanks in advance!


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Mar 27, 2019
Pool Size
How much would it cost you to replace 50% of your water? This assumes you are not on a well. Read the other active post I am commenting on for someone else with iron stains. What has worked best for me is to do AA treatment and then immediately exchange at least 50% of my water to pump out the "iron water". Sequestrant only suspends the iron in the water but doesn't remove it.

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