Ascorbic Acid Treatment

I am going to do the AA treatment on my pool for iron staining, then drain right after stains are gone, refill with city water and rebalance the chemistry.

Do I need to add sequestrant before draining? I don't want iron stains to form again before the pool empties but seems like throwing away money to add sequestrant and drain.

Do I need to raise the pH before draining? According to the AA treatment article I don't rebalance the chemistry for 24 hours after AA treatment. This is probably for the sequestrant to do its thing so I don't think it's necessary because I'm draining right away. I just don't want the low pH to damage the plaster or anything else.


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Jul 21, 2013
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No & no. Once the stains lift drain the pool and refill.

pH of 7.0 will not damage anything.
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