Ascorbic acid treatment before liner change?


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Feb 19, 2008
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Hi Everyone,
My liner will be replaced in a couple of days. I have had an iron problem (unknown source) and my current liner has staining. I was thinking of doing an ascorbic acid treatment the day before they drain my pool (and remove the old liner) to get any iron out of the plumbing and other places. Would there be any downside/risks to this?

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Dean, I don't see a need to do it. If plumbing did happen to have some staining, it will probably just remain in there. The effort and cost wouldn't seem justified IMO unless you had a hybrid pool with fiberglass steps or other visibly stained non-liner areas. I'd say let it ride, get the new liner, then pre-filter the new water (or have some trucked in) to hopefully avoid added iron in the future.


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Feb 19, 2008
Tidewater, VA
Thanks for the input. I have fiberglass steps, but they are not stained. Skimmer might be slightly stained. Just for clarity, I wasn't thinking of doing a full AA treatment, just dropping in a pound of ascorbic acid the day before the liner folks show up to try to lift the iron into the water so they could pump it all out. I see what you are saying about letting it ride though.
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