are we shocking to much ???


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May 24, 2007
we have a 24 ft round above ground 4 ft and have had more fun in it this year than all the years before while useing bacucial ,never knew it could be so easy until trying the BBB and what a good move that was ,every time we have gone to the pool store to have the water tested we have been able to walk out empty handed and a fantastic water test ,just cant get over how easy it is to maintain,i wont say that getting rid of the bac wasnt scary but as you said it did get much better.i would like to know if we a shocking to often ,as we do our ph and chlo test often and they are usually aroung 7.2-7.6 and the chlo is between 2&5 but we still use powdered shock once a week as well as algegside :?: ive been told that we were ruining our liner by doing it so often can any one tell me if we should keep going as we are or shock less???


First, get a good test kit such as the TF100 or the Taylor K-2006. This will allow you to test both FC and CC. You need to shock when the CC is above .5 ppm If it's not don't shock.


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Mar 29, 2007
Knippa, Texas
waterhog said:
i failed to say we do have the taylors test kit ,but i didnt know about the .5 cc being the guide for shocking thanks ,do you think we are hurting the liner ??
I suppose too-frequent shocking might wear out a liner prematurely, but I doubt you need to worry. In future just shock as needed. What kind of "powdered shock" are you using? MPS shock won't take out CC's; cal hypo adds calcium, which isn't good if your water is hard to start with. Dichlor and trichlor of course add CYA.