Are Trichlor tabs ok to use in a pool chlorinated with liquid chlorine?


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Jun 21, 2021
OK, as a new pool owner, I'm trying to manage pool chlorination while balancing pool chemistry and my own availability. Right now the pool is balanced: CYA is around 50, PH 7.5, Alk 100.
I'm using liquid chlorine (sodium hypo) so CYA doesn't get out of hand. So I'm reading never to mix Trichlor and Sodium Hypo or Calcium Hypo as that causes a chemical reaction and even explosion. Questions: can I drop in trichlor tabs when I go on vacation when the pool is chlorinated with Sodium Hypo? I've heard others doing this and really want to the same so I can maintain consistent chlorination. Will that cause a small chemical reaction by mixing the chlorine types, in the pool? It should, theoretically, right, as it would in a small container. Related question: can you shock a trichlor pool with liquid chlorine or cal hypo?

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Questions: can I drop in trichlor tabs when I go on vacation when the pool is chlorinated with Sodium Hypo?
That's fine. You just don't want to mix them in the same container. As for shocking or increasing the FC level, that's not a problem either. As a new member to TFP, you'll want to become familiar with the link below and our FC/CYA Chart. Also be sure to use a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit for all your home testing.

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Jul 14, 2017
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You don’t want to mix the different chems in concentrated form. I.e. don’t pour LC in a dispenser used for trichlor because even if the dispenser is empty theres likely some residual trichlor there. Once they are diluted in the pool water its fine to mix so go ahead and drop a tab floater in.
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