Are the tiny bubbles coming from the threat of this return eyeball indication of a leak?


Apr 25, 2021
Clarksville Tennessee
I got this tiny bubbles seem to be coming from the thread area of the deep end return eyeball. I do loose about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water a day depending on how hot it gets. Have always assumed it was due to evaporation. But now this little bubbles have me concern that I might have a leak.

Anyone have experience the same?

Inground Vinyl SWCG pool, 4 returns (only one with tiny bubbles furthers from the pump at deep end) two skimmers. One split main drains.


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Tiny bubbles that size are normally an sign the SWG is producing chlorine gas, although the bubbles normally come right of the jet itself and not the threaded area. Some things to check:
- Return jet is tightened securely against the pipe fitting itself?
- Do you see bubbles only when the SWG is producing chlorine? Your SWG should have an indicator to show when it's producing.
- Or do you see those bubbles when the SWG and pump are off? This is the one I would be concerned about.


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
If it is from the SWG it is hydrogen gas and flammable so don't try to light the bubbles as they break the surface (even though it is great fun).
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