Aquasport 52- pros/cons? Help!

I'm considering installing an Aquasport 52 (15'x30'x 52")- sunk fully in ground, with a step in, 2 LED lights and we want to build a waterfall feature later. I have 3 concerns that my local pool guys are saying are fine.
1- It comes with one skimmer and one return. Pool guys say this will be fine because the pump will move the water.
2-Manufactor's instructions say not to cut any additional holes in the pool that aren't factory (so, additional skimmer return not going to happen? not sure if pre-cut pool light panels are an 'official' option- will be checking on this)
3- It comes with the Frog Mineral System. I'm completely at a loss for this one. We've had smaller Intex pools and just used chlorine tablets and the testing strips. (I see mainly negative reviews of the Frog on here but they are a bit old- maybe the system has improved?)

I haven't found any reviews on Aquasport that address pool water quality/clarity, only the durability of the aluminum walls.
Because we get water at 56", we want a one level (non-deep end) inground pool. With actual inground pools, the walls always start at about 3.5 feet. I liked having the full length of the pool be 52" instead of having space at only 42".

Thank you for any and all advice!

doug wilcox

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May 8, 2020
frog is a good alternative since they dont warranty against salt water generators.
order the pool with an extra return panel and use for led light.
1 skimmer and 1 return is plenty for a 15x30 pool
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