Aquarius XL Doheny’s Inground Robot Cleaner


Aug 28, 2018
Uniontown, OH
2nd full summer in our house with in ground pool. Hoping to spend more time swimming & less time cleaning & treating, so we are installing an SWG & buying a robot vacuum this year. Has anyone purchased this version (Aquarius) of the Dolphin robot cleaner? Thoughts?
Is there an S number that coordinates with this model?
Also, is the a Dolphin line better than the Aquabot line? TIA


Feb 26, 2017
Sumter, SC
To me, it looks to be the same as the Dolphin M400. I just purchased a Pentair Warrior SE which is the same as the dolphin S200. I can't tell you how it performs yet but from everything I have read on this forum, it should be great. I bought it from Marina Pool, Spa & Patio. You have to call or email them to order but it worked just great. I am attaching a sheet that I got from Marina with their prices for the M400 and several other bots. I hope it helps.


  • Premium Class - Robotic Cleaner Comparisons - 2020 .pdf
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