Aquarite with T9 and Salt level of 4500


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May 2, 2017
Newly installed SWG. I did calculation based on 11,500 gallon pool which would of been roughly just over 300lbs of salt to get pool started

I put about 260 in and checked next day to be sure I didn't overshoot...well I either have a smaller pool than I think or I suck at math but I am now at 4500. I drained a few inches and refilled with almost zero effect. I rather not drain and refill cause then everything else also get diluted but also don't want to cause damage to pool or equipment.

From what I read on here it seems if your SWG isn't complaining then leave it. It seems fine with the higher salt levels but want to be sure I am not hurting anything else leaving it at 4500. I am confident it's that high as a Taylor kit, strips, and SWG all say between 4400-4600.


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Mar 2, 2011
You're probably ok for now.

The cooler water temperature is keeping the amps down.

It only gives a high salt error based on amps, not salinity.

As the water warms up, it's probably going to give a high salt error unless you get the salinity down some.