'Aquarite+' vs 'Aquarite Flo Advanced'


Jul 6, 2017
Buckinghamshire, UK
Hello all,

I'm currently trying to spec an Aquarite for SWG and control of the pool equipment (Hayward Super Pump VSTD SP2616VSTD, EnergyLine ENPI11M and 2x CrystaLogic 3481 PLDBL LG (50W LED) and am trying to figure out the difference between the Aquarite+(T15) and an Aquarite Flo Advanced (AQR-FLO-AD33).

Both seem capable of providing ~30g/h, controls of pool equipment and have wifi capability.

The only fundamental difference I can see is the + includes pH control supplied as standard, which given the FLO advanced is $900 cheaper, seems like the way to go?



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I don't see the Aquarite+(T15) or the Aquarite Flo Advanced (AQR-FLO-AD33) sold in the US so I am not sure anyone here knows the differnce from the basic Aquarite T15.