AquaRite SWG No lights or display


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Mar 29, 2010
Latest board. No LED’s lit. No display. Thermistor replaced, 20 amp fuse good. outage set for 120 and input voltage is 120.
No burnt marks on back of board. I appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks, Don


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May 20, 2018
North Easton
My fuse "looked" good but I got a new one and all lights, displays now work. Had an electrician over for other job, and he tested 2 that were hard to tell visually, but they were both bad. Going to grab a few to have on hand ( I believe they are 20 amp mini fuses). I went through all of this with my first Hayward aquarite, replaced the thermistor and got another few months out of it before it quit on me again. So I replaced the whole control box. Now I'm wondering if it was the fuse all along.
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