Aquarite short life span


Jun 5, 2017
Las Vegas
I have a 22k pool in Vegas. I installed a t15 hayward aquarite system about 3 years ago. I got about 2 from the original cell. I have an avid injector down steam of the swg. My ph is normally stable. My hardness is high, desert water. My warranty cell is throwing low salt, 2600ppm vs the 3200 from my tester. Im worried it's dying again. I need to re calibrate it, but the real time is significantly lower.
Of course it was cleaned. Im just wondering if anyone knows what affects life spans on these things besides hours and duty cycle fatigue.


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Oct 25, 2015
Hard water can be an enemy of salt cells but good water balance with TFP's recommended ranges and slightly negative CSI should offset this. Too frequent cleaning or insufficient cleaning can also reduce cell life. Can you post a copy of your most recent analysis? Salt system's built-in salt sensors are often not very accurate also. You should use the K-1766 test kit for the most accurate information on your salt level.



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Jun 24, 2011
Long Beach, CA
Check your exact warranty time, if the system is less than three years old or the replacement cell is less than a year old get it tested to see if it fails and it will be replaced under warranty. My situation was exactly like yours and I ended up with a new cell that was replaced under warranty at the 3.2 year mark because the replacement cell died less than a year after I replaced it. You should expect about one year of life span from a replacement cell in your Vegas climate.