Aquarite light come on then go off

George in Georgia

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Jul 9, 2010
Jonesboro, GA
I am dealing with a probable circuit board failure on my Aqua Rite generator. All was well until a few days or so, but then ... no LEDs, or LCDs. On power up after the flow was established I'd get a brief display of LEDs indicating chlorination and inspect the cell, then nothing. I followed the Diagnostics Manual to the point at which problems on the main circuit board were indicated.
A little back story: a few years ago I (with the help of folks on this site) traced such a problem to the thermistor failure. Replacing it cured the problem; I did have the foresight to buy two.
But now there is really no indication of thermistor failure; no cracks in the component. I called Hayward, they asked me to describe the problem in an email for their tech folks. I did so, giving a description of the problem and my procession through the Manual to board problems; I asked where to find the part number for replacement. I asked where I could find the board number so I could buy the right one!
Their answer was to refer me to the Q&A section on their web site! A non-answer. I hesitate to buy a replacement board on Amazon without knowing whether I've selected the right one. GRRRRR!!!!!
A prior post mentioned Hayward's liability concerns: odd that auto parts dealers seem to feel no fear in selling brake parts! What's wrong with this picture?
Does anyone know where the board part number is? Dare I order the board on Amazon? Dare I eat a peach?


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Mar 2, 2011
Can you post the following information.

First 4 of the serial number of the box and cell.

Model number of the box and cell.

Diagnostic readings.