Aquarite Board Problem - Clicking Sound


Jul 13, 2008
I have a Hayward Aquarite system running my Houston saltwater pool. I am getting a "clicking" noise from the main board. It sounds like a relay is going on and off or there is a small power surge.

The board is Hayward Aqualogic PCB-Main.

Here is a short video of the noise:

Wait about four or five seconds for the clicking. Besides this clicking noise, the system is otherwise functioning with no errors. I would appreciate any thoughts on what is going on.


Houston, TX


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
Go to diagnostics and see what the readings are.

Are the readings steady or fluctuating?

Press the + button to reverse polarity and recheck the readings.

Then, press it again to reverse polarity again and recheck the readings.

Does the clicking happen when the chlorinator is turned off?


In The Industry
Feb 16, 2016
CA mean you have an AquaLogic system, not an AquaRite?

What lights are on on the control box? Do you get a message on the display? You zoomed in too close for us to see the lights.