Aquapalm remote add-on


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Aug 31, 2010
We currently have Aqualink RS8 with a spa control pad that has stopped working and has been disconnected. Pool repair came out to replace side switch and cannot pull the wiring through the conduit. Trying to find where the wiring is hanging up is not an option as we have large rocks and concrete covering the area where the control wiring runs underneath the decking. Their suggestion was to go with the add-on wireless Aquapalm. I'm trying to find out how difficult it is to install and if we can do it ourselves. It would save me a couple of hundred of dollars. Thanks for the input.


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Mar 28, 2010
It is very easy. Turn off the mains power supply and remove the cover plate. At the top left of the control board is a red 4 pin plug. Wire the aquapalm transmitter to this plug. Match the wire colors. Its ok to wire up several devices to the same plug.
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