AquaLogic Panel Wiring Question


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Aug 15, 2007
Ottawa, Canada
Hi all, I'm considering getting an AquaLogic P4 controller to run a 3/4hp pump, solar panel system and the pool lighting.

I have a question about the wiring to the main house panel.

From the owner manual:
The Aqua Logic circuit breaker subpanel is rated for 100A service. Run properly rated conductors (L1,
L2, N, and ground) from the primary house electrical panel to the main power connections on the Aqua
Logic circuit breaker base. The connection at the main house panel should be to a 240VAC circuit
breaker rated at 100A maximum.

Does that mean that I must hook up the panel to a 240V - 100A breaker in my panel and run a huge wire (something like 2AWG I guess) all the way to my pool shed?

I'm going to suck less than 6-7 amps @240volts from the Aqua Logic Panel.

I have an available 240volts - 30 amps breaker in my panel that I could hook to the panel using 10AWG wire. Is that safe or am I going to set everything on fire?



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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
You are fine as long as you don't exceed 100A AND the wire you use is rated for the size breaker you connect it to. Breakers are there to keep wires from melting, so if the breaker and wire match, nothing bad will happen. It's when the breaker is too big for the wire you get problems.