AquaLogic Error - "No Flow - Filter Pump"


Apr 25, 2021
Sienna Texas
Hooked up automation cable to a Hayward Sp32950VSP and switched the filter pump to VSP with flow monitoring "enabled". However, I'm getting a No Flow error. Prior to hooking up the automation the pump ran for two weeks without issue. I was waiting on a modbus adapter for the controller and pump communication. Today it arrived...

I don't think I have a flow switch, however, I do have a temperature probe that is downstream of the pump discharge. Perhaps the flow switch and temperature probe is the same device? The pump basket doesn't lose prime when the pump turns off and the baskets are clean. Filter pressure is around 27 psi on a Hayward C4030 cartridge filter.

How do I know if the pump is losing communication and the flow switch is showing there's no flow (doubtful) OR is the flow switch defective and flow monitoring is shutting down the pump? Any thoughts to why I'm getting the error?

Lastly, I don't have a SWG on the system. So this is why I'm confused on the flow switch, perhaps it's integral to the pump?

Appreciate everyone's time.

- B


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May 3, 2007
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Welcome to the forum!

Flow monitoring only works when you have a flow switch. So without the flow switch and with flow monitoring on, the controller will think there is no flow. Disable flow monitoring and it should work again.

Also, if you are interested, I developed an Android and Windows app for the AquaLogic:

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