Aqualink does not allow control of Intelliflow manually in Service Mode


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Jan 12, 2014
Hi all - My system works really well all apart from one thing:
When I put my system into service mode, I cant manually set the pump speed. I would expect that the Intelliflow would go from "DISPLAY NOT ACTIVE" to the normal controls to allow me to manually control. Am I mistaken in my thoughts on how this should work?


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Jul 7, 2014
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With Pentair automation, the pump will go into standalone mode when the automation is switched to the Service mode.. As you point out the pump's display no longer reads display not active..

Sorry, but I have no idea how your Aqualink works... Not sure if this is normal for you or something is wrong with your set up.

The IntelliFlo was designed to work with Pentair automation...

If you decide to just disconnect the RS-485 link, do not do it with power on, as this can damage the RS-485 chips.

Let's hope one of our Aqualink users has the IntelliFlo and can tell you how his system works.


Jim R.


Mar 8, 2018
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Jandy/iAqualink instructions for wiring the Intelliflo pump are to wire the pump through the Filter Pump relay, so you have no power to the pump controller or pump motor in the service mode. When you then turn on the Filter pump relay in the service mode to power the pump, the display is still not active, nor are the controls. I think the pump runs the speed stored in address 1 of the pump controller. You can get manual control by unplugging the RS-485 cable before powering up. It had not occurred to me that the iAqualink software should have allowed manual control in the service mode....that would be nice to allow the pool tech to adjust the pump speed for cleaning or other checks. My tech decided to do a work around with the inlet valves.