Aquadoor - leaking

Mark Renye

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Oct 13, 2010

First post here, although I have lurked and learned for the past season.
Thanks to all who post here. It is a lifesaver!

My question:

I have an IG with a Vinyl liner and one wall skimmer.
Last year I installed an Aquadoor.
This is the second year using it, but despite me really pressing the Aquadoor cover on, there is still a slow leak which allows water into the skimmer. After maybe 20 minutes, a bone-dry skimmer is completely filled with water.

I did not realize this until a couple of weeks after my solid safety cover was on unfortunately...

I've tried to determine the leak source using food coloring.
I can't tell if the leak is from the door itself, or from the gasket.
Food coloring dye goes in, but it is very difficult to tell with the solid cover only partially removed (and my head shoved under the corner... (I really really don't want to take the cover off at this point)

Is there a way to use teflon tape, or some other sealant to make sure the Aquadoor is watertight?
I don't want to gunk up the skimmer opening with pool putty or something, then I have a cosmetic problem, but the threat of freezing is more important I guess...

But assuming I can't figure out a way to make it watertight until the spring... aside from a Gizmo, is there something I can do to prevent my skimmer from freezing and cracking?
Another water bottle? How can I keep it from just popping out of the water as it freezes?

I am in New Jersey and we have many many freezing days in winter as you all probably realize.



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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
I never used one but from a few people i know that tried them, they are pretty much junk. Trust the gizmo. If you want, put a 20 ounce plastic soda bottle in the with a little pool antifreeze in the bottle for weight. Fill it a third of the way up or so and put the top on and stick it in the skimmer. Or, cut a noodle into 7-8 inch pieces and put those in stuffed down aroun the Gizmo. It will be fine.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Aquadors are nice, but not a substitute for plugging up the skimmer line or using a gizzmo. What is probably happening is that the corners of the aquador are sometimes hard to seal and you probably have a slow leak there;you really got to push hard on the corners. Anyways, I only use Aquadors on above ground pools since you can disconnect the skimmer line as this allows you to not have to drain the pool to close it. On the occasions I use an Aquador on an inground pool it is for a specific reason. Some pools have a very high water table and you want to keep as much water in the pool to help prevent water forming underneath the liner. Also there are some pools that are on a well and don't want to refill the pool every year as this will wear on their well pump. Even if you do seal the aquador perfectly water usually comes into the skimmer from rain or snow melt. So regardless you need to use a plug of some type in your skimmer.

Mark Renye

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Oct 13, 2010
Thanks for the replies.

Sounds like I was expecting a little too much from what is essentially a tupperware lid...

I already have a Gizmo installed, and I have my lines plugged very well...

The antifreeze idea poured in the skimmer sounds like a simple, good idea.
And I am going to slice up a noodle and jam it in there.

I was pretty anxious about all of this... now I am not.
Thanks again!


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Sep 28, 2013
thanks for the tip to put pool gasket seal around the lip of the aquador cover. I had a leak that has been taking me weeks to resolve,(I must of taken the aquador cover off a dozen or so times and reseated it to no avail), but this time with th gasket lube on the aquador ridge worked like a charm , this did the trick no more leak, thanks!

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