Aquabright recommended chemistry levels question


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Jul 21, 2019
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Question on recommended TA for Aquabright Pool.
EcoFinish recommends keeping it between 120-150, pH of 7.6.....
curious as to what the experts here say about that TA and why it’s so much higher than anything I’ve seen for ideal levels. Attached the info from them with rec levels.
My latest readings are pH 7.8 and TA 101-120, FC 3.1
I have a Sutro monitor that is so far pretty darned accurate. I compare with the test kit I got from here on occasion and it’s always very close.
I do end up adding MA on a fairly regular basis, and keep waterfall running 24/7.
Anyone know what the 120-150 TA reasoning is and how would one get it to that level, keep it there plus maintain the pH where it needs to be?
Pool always crystal clear beautiful.

*edit to add, I have learned to NOT take water to local pool store to test. I’ve taken samples from the same water set, taken them in to two locations within a mile of each other and was floored at the difference the two places came up with. Came home and did my own test.


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