Aquabright or plaster as a resurfacing option?


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Jul 26, 2017
Hanover, MA
We live in Massachusetts, 30k gallon gunite with plaster finish and attached spa, built in the 90's, chlorine chemistry, DE filter, natural gas heater. We have lived here 3 years so we're not sure if/when it has been re-plastered but it is ready for it now. The entire pool feels like you're walking on coarse grit sandpaper. Last year we had the coping and tile redone. We are trying to decide if we should re-plaster or go with Ecofinsh aquabright. The stairs and spa seat have hairline cracks in the plaster, the wall between the spa and pool did have plaster falling off, on the spa side, they plaster patched a 2'x5' section of the wall when they did tile and coping. In the main pool there doesn't seem to be any other major issues with the plaster cracking or bubbling.

  • With the history of a 30+ year old pool like ours do you see the possibility of some type of underlying problem down the road with the structure of the gunite or plaster?
  • If sublayer work was needed would it be a major undertaking to fix it under the Aquabright coating? If future gunite/plaster was needed we would be using the most reputable company around to fix it but they don't work with Aquabright.
  • Any long term experiences or hear of long term issues with aquabright? (Read all the posts on TFP)
  • Any other advice on which option to select?
Quotes we have received for re-surfacing:

Company A (Did a great job on our tile and coping, the biggest gunite/plaster company in the area):
  • Plaster $14,580
Company B (This guy is pushing aquabright ):
  • Plaster $9,154
  • Ecofinish Aquabright $14,162
Company C:
  • Plaster $12,000
Thank you!


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Aug 10, 2017
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Ecofinish has its place but I wouldnt go that route. The underlying plaster has to be in great shape to begin with. To chip out your plaster and replaster just to get to the point of being able to ecofinish is am extra step amd cost. Do a full chip out amd upgrade to a higher end plaster if you dont like basic plaster. That's my advice
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