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Jul 21, 2019
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Not sure which forum category to post this in but I’m looking for advice.
I have a pool with Aquabright and there are some places that need repair and I cannot get the installer to come out to do them for me.
It’s very frustrating and had I known the follow up and service would be so dismal I would not have used Aquabright even though it’s an amazing pool finish. It’s not anything major but it is some areas that need fixing and I have no idea who else I can turn to. The manufacturer, EcoFinish isn’t being very helpful either. I cc the manufacturer rep on every email I send the installer......
Location is west TN and the installer is out of Jackson TN.
Anyone know anything that would help me? I’ve been told by someone in the past that the “fix” is so simple I could do it myself but I believe the warranty will be voided if I do anything other than through the actual installer or approved by the manufacturer....
Attached some pics of what I’m referring to. Small areas with finger to demo the size.
I always have people wanting to come over to see and feel it and I’ve started telling people everything, pro and con about Aquabright.
Most are pros for sure but a HUGE con is that there is no one, NO ONE that will do anything after they install it.
Anyone have any advice? These areas may be fine forever even un fixed but for the price it cost me I want it repaired. This happened the first year and they are on the sun ledge and steps.


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Sep 26, 2013
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I am in a similar situation. I sent @bdavis466 a PM to see if he had any advice. When was yours applied? Mine was applied in May of this year and I love the finish, but the punch list has never been complete. The good news, the installer has not asked for final payment. The bad news, I don't have a written warranty.
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