Aquabot Turbo T4

May 14, 2008
So I got my Turbo T4, have a couple questions since the instructions aren't that great.

It appears to do a really good job on the floor of my pool, but my problem \ question is, should it go all the way to the water line on a gunite pool? Or shouldn't that even matter?

My corners are rounded and not square. The Cleaner makes it about 1/2 way up the wall and just spins its wheels. I added the additional floatation devices (the big one, not the 2 smaller ones yet) and it still doesn't make it all the way up.

The other question is, is there a problem for the T4 that you can change? again the manual wasn't clear.

Sorry for all the newbie questions.


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Apr 2, 2008
Acton Maine
I don't have an aquabot but some cleaners do not go up to the water line. Mine also only goes about half way up the wall and I used the wall whale for 5 minutes a day brushing down the sides. This gave the cleaner most of the dirt and I didn't have to run the cleaner as long. But I'm sure there is someone here with some hands on T4 experience. :)