Aquabot Turbo often gets the cord tangled in its brushes


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Sep 6, 2008
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I have an Aquabot Turbo automatic pool vac. When it works without getting tangled in its own cord it works great. For those that don't know an Aquabot runs on low voltage electric. The cord or wire is encased with a floatable casing and when the vac goes up the wall the discharged water from the vac should blow the wire out of its own way. Unfortunately I need to constantly check on it as it often gets the cord tangled in its brushes, sometimes damaging them. Does anyone have a possible solution to my problem? I have reversed the direction of the vac but hasn't helped



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Jun 6, 2008
Hey Tom, I've had the same robot as yours for about 10 seasons now and have never had that problem. Are you making sure that you unkink the wire prior to running another cycle by unplugging it from the power supply and stretching it out? ALso make sure that when you throw the wire into the water, spread it out over the surface , away from the aquabot. Also, make sure you switch the handle position on each new cycle. I guess a work around would be to remove the styrofoam floats so that the unit won't climb the walls as well, thus making it impossible to get tangled in the floating cord.