Aquabot Supreme


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Apr 7, 2013
Ok so we just opened up for the season last week. When I went to put the Aquabot in I noticed some damage to the side plate where the rollers sit and attach to the body by 4 metal screws (plastic rods/axles broke), so the belts had no tension on them, belts also were missing a few teeth. I found all the plastic pieces online and the belts I needed to make the repairs. So today I placed the robot back in and it is only cleaning on one area about 20 square feet, kind of just going in a slow large circle. So I took the robot out and noticed that the drive side track is moving slower and skipping every 10-15 seconds. The belts are in correct and tensioned no missing teeth, the track is also in the correct location. I did not replace the rollers or the tracks or cleaning brushes. I already spent $90 dollars on the belts and two plastic pieces I needed. Should I dump another $160 bucks into this bot and buy the full tune-up kit, which includes the rollers, new tracks and brushes? The bot has 5 full seasons of perfect work under her belt....Any advice?


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Apr 3, 2019
I would at least try taking it to them or contacting them and seeing if they could give you guidance on your issue. An Aquabot dealer will know your unit well and know common issues or troubleshooting tips. It may be a simple fix. If it's not, they can give you an estimate on cost to repair it. It certainly would be worth checking in to.