Aquabot not resting flat on pool bottom


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Jun 1, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
My Aquabot Turbo T has developed a tilt. Fully submerged, at the bottom of the pool, the cleaner rests with one track on the floor of the pool, and the other track hovering about an inch or two from the pool bottom. I've made sure that I've bled all the air out of the machine before letting it sink to the pool floor. Problem is, the initial tilt confuses the Aquabot's orientation sensor, and if I turn the cleaner on, it ends up circling around the surface of the middle of the pool, searching for a wall like a crazed Bambi searching for his mother.

The Aquabot people suggested that I remove the side float on the side of the cleaner that is tilting up. Did that, but the tilt is still there. The tilted side is the side with the power cord. I've attached aquabot's plastic bulbs to keep the cleaner from eating the cord, but those would add very little flotation. I'm not hearing any water in the handle, so I'm out of ideas of what to try next.

Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do to fix this? The aquabot office is closed for the weekend, and I'm hoping that maybe some of the collective wisdom here might give me something new to try. The unit is only a few months old!