Aqua Rite troubles


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May 24, 2012
Ok, I'm new to Pool ownership and we moved in last Nov. the previous owner had to replace the "motherboard" on the aqua rite system. I kept up with everything over the winter and NOW it does not show a "salt level" reading. Everything seems to work fine and I had my water tested and i'm well within the range. is there something I can reset or fix myself for this problem or am I looking at a new system? thanks.


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May 7, 2007
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Have you had it on for 24 hours yet? They won't show a salt level if they have been off for a long time until they have time to average 24 hours worth of readings.


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May 24, 2012
Does it need to be on for 24 hrs straight? if so, that may be the problem. BUT there's not even a default number there, it just isn't there.


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Aug 14, 2011
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There is also a possibility that the system is not set up properly electrically...depends upon who installed it...but I have found systems with the jumper set up for 230V, while the input voltage was only 115V. Once I turned off the circuit breaker, reset the metal jumper where the power connects to the board (for 115V), then turned on power again, everything worked fine. They come set up for 230V so you can't overpower and fry the board...but if your power is 115V, it won't have enough power to run the board properly. If your AquaRite is powered from the timer box for the pump, it will be the same voltage as the pump. If it is on its own power, it will be whatever the circuit breaker supplies to it.

Ask more questions if you don't understand. The resetting of the jumpers is really easy. The position is shown right beside them. But you have to verify what voltage is coming in to the unit first.



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May 24, 2012
thanks Guys. I'm testing my water again today and then i'll run it for 24 hrs and see if that fixes it. if not, i'll look at the electrical.



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Nov 25, 2007
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There are several things you might want to check. First, make sure the cell is actually plugged into the front of the control panel. Then go into the "settings" menu. Make sure the cell is set to some value other than "off". Try something high like 90%. Then go into the "diagnostic" menu. Make sure the flow swith says "flow". Bad flow switch and cell will not turn on. Keep hitting the right arrow button until you get to the cell menu. If the cell is on, it will give you the current amps and voltage the cell is drawing, along with the current salt level. If it's not on, hit the up arrow at this point. This will either turn the cell on or begin a count down (usually 15 seconds) to turn on chlorinator. If/when this happens you will get voltage/amp and salt reading. If not, you may have a bigger problem. Also, if you manually toggle the chlorinator on and off via the menu, you will actually hear it begin to draw current from the board. Hope this helps.