Aqua rite reading with low percent output


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Aug 17, 2018
Daytona Beach, FL
I just replaced my cell a little over one week ago. Long story short, I didn’t realize it was failing and got the salt too high and had to drain a lot of water. Chemistry is good (and has been for one week), but chlorine level was high initially after the partial drain/fill. I had the set off for several days and then turned it on.

This is aqua rite 1.5 on a variable speed pump. It indicates generating at 30%. But when I go through diagnostics, I see zero amps and 0 instant salinity at times. When I crank it up, it clicks and then starts generating like usual.

I never really paid attention before. Does it cycle on/off when at reduced levels? What really happens when you turn the percent down?

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