Aqua Rite Not Generating


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Sep 2, 2020
Pool: 14000 Gal. Inground salt.
Problem: Not Generating. Had " T-15 Salt Cell" at pool store and is OK. Flow switch test OK. Current Limiter tested at board read 3.0 Ohms. At start: "off to auto" switch Leds: power-on, generating-on, No-flow "ON" then OFF after about (1) min.
Display Readings: Temp-92, cell voltage-30.8v, cell current-0.00, des output-99% (can change with knob). Inst. salt-0.0, AL-0, and
Rev-1.40 and salt at : 0.0 .After about 2.5 min. led Generating "OFF", Check cell "ON", Inspect cell "ON". Power led stays "ON". Display readings stay the same. Any help would be appreciated.


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Dec 10, 2018
Most likely a bad solder joint. Remove the mainboard from the panel and inspect the K1/K2 relay solder. Add fresh solder 60/40 rosin-core.