Aqua Rite cell cleaning


Sep 1, 2010
Sunny Deltona, FL
When giving my Aqua Rite cell a diluted acid bath, I use a rubber ball to block one end while cell is standing on end then pour in solution for soaking. This requires my holding the cell on end and sometimes gets messy. Am pondering creating a pedestal that I can screw the cell into making it water tight and free standing. Saw one advertised for $45 but am sure I can build something cheaper. Anyone already built one? Could I get list of materials and thoughts? Thx, Bistro in sunny FL.

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Jun 22, 2009
SouthWest Alabama
The only real problem you're going to have is finding the threaded end to screw the cell into. O-rings are easy, and you could glue the union hapf to a PVC blind flange or a piece of PVC plate for a base.

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Sep 5, 2008
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If you can get an extra union, then go to the PVC store, and see if you can get a 2" cap that is flat on the bottom. You may have to go to a couple of places before you find one that's flat. They are out there, iv'e found them.

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