Aqua Plus- Getting High Salt/Amps message after lightning strike


Nov 15, 2009
Mount Dora, FL
During a ferocious thunderstorm, lightning struck my home a few nights ago. It took out some electronics and my Aqua Plus starting acting strangely. The menu buttons on the display did not work, and the time and day was completely wrong. Also I received the dreaded "High Salt/Amps" error message. I tried removing the display and cleaning the contacts on the display, but it still didn't work. Since I could not change menus, I had no way to reset the time or diagnose the cell. I was forced to buy a new display for $330, and hoped that would solve the problem.

It didn't. I was still getting the "High Salt/Amps" message

I installed the new display and corrected the day and time. All other settings were still correct, including the Cell configuration (T-15). I checked the Volts and Amps and Salt levels. The readings were the same for both + and - polarities: 40.62V, 10.04A, and 1900PPM. The salt level was checked twice in the past week and were 2900 before and 2800 after the storm. Having suffered the "No Cell Power" message on a previous board, I knew about the K1 relay solder joint issue. Inspection showed no burns to the joint, but I resoldered it just to be sure. Still the problem persisted. The fuse is good.

I have a "backup" cell, so I removed the cell and replaced it with the backup cell, getting the same result. I took the original cell to my pool store and they said it checked out ok.

I've checked all the forums, and other than the solder joint and the fuse, there seems to be no other solutions. I am now looking at replacing the motherboard (for the second time in 3 years, also due to lightning) at a cost of $500. This is getting pricey!

Can anyone suggest something else to try before I take the plunge?