Aqua luminator- return jet help


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
Need some help here with the return jet. Since the water return is coming from the aqualuminator light. I can not rotate the thing to turn the direction of the water flow to where I want it. I have it pointed up, because of the polaris 65. If I take off the adaptor plate that covers the light. The water is basically spewing way up and under the rail to where it will run down the outside of the pool. I don't plan on using the p65 (biggest piece of junk ever) and vaccum manually.

How can I make the thing spin without messing up the light and making water get behind it?


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Apr 29, 2008
You can loosen the retaining nut on the back that hold the light bulb in place. Once loosened a little push the bulb forward then you can rotate the diverter. You are suppose to be able to rotate it with out loosening the nut so when retighting the nut make it just tight enough so you can rotate the diverter and keep the water in the pool.