Aqua Genie skimmer in ON Ground pool


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Jul 22, 2007
South Carolina
Hi all

I am planning on installing a 27" round on ground pool. It's made of extruded aluminum. It will be installed on a hillside with one side being totally buried and the furthest side being totally exposed. It will have a flat bottom and wall height is 52 inches.
It will be surrounded by deck (plastic lumber). Total gallons 18,100.

So far here are the spec's that i would like to include in the setup. Aqua Genie Skimmer, zodiac mars hp cleaner with booster pump, pentair pac fac clean and clear (cartridge) 200 sq ft, pentair dynamo pump 1hp 2speed, and a saltwater generator.

I would appreciate any suggestions or problems you might see with the above configuration. I will be ordering all the equipment off the internet and have a local installer set it up for me. I would hate to buy something that want work with my setup.

Also would like recommendations on best cover roller for a one person (women) to use.

I have really enjoyed this forum and know that i will be spending a lot of time here. PS if anyone is interested in a good price on an extruded aluminum on ground pool i have found a good price on one.

thanks for the help