Aqua comfort


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Jun 20, 2009
Berkeley Heights, NJ
When I power on my aqua comfort heater i receive a flashing "Po" error code.

The manual states this error means open connection on water temperature sensor or bad sensor.

I opened up the unit and examined the sensor and the cable leading up to the control panel. It looked clean and not cut. Cleanly connected to terminal.

Is a professional necessary to correct this issue or should i try to get a replacement sensor from the manufacturer and install myself?

Does anyone have experience with this type of heater?


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Apr 15, 2007
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Aquacomfort is a marketing group with private label products. The exact model of aquacomfort heat pump is based on how old it is. They have gone through several different manufacturers over the past 10 years.

Heat pumps usually come with good warranties though. I would contact them first.

If its out of warranty, usually you can measure the resistance on the sensor wires to see if it is the sensor or not. The manufacturer should be able to tell you the acceptable resistance range for a good sensor. If its bad, its easy enough for you to replace. PLEASE use all safe guards to prevent electrocution and turn the circuit breaker to the heat pump OFF.

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