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Jan 11, 2011
Northern Illinois
I am trying to budget for a heater and hoping to come up with an idea of cost. The pool is as follows:

-27' round above ground pool. 54" deep (approximately 19,500 gallons)
-Pool is sun from early morning until approximately 5PM
-We are located in a suburb of Chicago
-We use a solar cover
-We would use the heater to raise the temp a few degrees on cooler days and for night swims. We would also use it occasionally to extend the swimming season but kids are in school from September through May.
-Gas meter is approximately 75' feet from pool. We do have electric outlets next to pool.
-We do not want solar panels....we are interested in either electrical or natural gas.

Which would be a better option, electric of natural gas, for our application?
How much should we budget for the heater itself and installation?
How much (ballpark) are we looking for energy use?

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 6, 2011
If you want quick heat, then you need to consider gas as the heat pumps don't heat water very quickly. Also seeing you would like to use it occasionally tells me that you would want to heat the pool up say starting Friday for the weekend. So once again gas is the quickest way to heat. Natural gas will probably be cheaper to based upon my knowledge of the IL area. I'm originally from Plainfield.

You could get buy with a 200K or 250K BTU heater and that would work very well for your pool. The cost is going to vary based upon who you purchase the unit thru plus the cost to run a gas line. My guess would be $1900-2300 on the heater installed. Not too sure on the cost of a plumber in your area to do the gas line. Costs down here in FL are about $10-$15 per linear foot.

Also be sure to have who ever does the gas line checks the meter to make sure it's ok to add the heater. Some cases the gas company has to change out the meter to get you the supply pressure you need. That should be free as they want you to use more gas.

Good luck and hope it stays warm up there in IL for the next 4.5 months!
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