Anyone with experience with a Pentair IC 60 (or 20 or 40)


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May 15, 2018
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Just started my first 2 weeks with the Pentair IC 60. I will describe my setup and what readings I am getting and then I will ask my questions after that, if that is ok.

Cell is plumbed in after heater, before the pipe heads back to pool. No flow issues (thank god). It is powered off the Pentair power box for that cell, which in turn is connected to my Intermatic time switch. SWG running 24/7 at 10%, I lose FC 0.5 in a 24-hour period. Switched to 20% and am currently trying to figure out what on/off time I need to get it somewhat steady at FC 6 (for my CYA reading). My readings are a bit erratic, going up faster than I thought at times, other times dropping when I didn't expect it.

I am not loving that my SWG is now dictating how long I can run my pump (i used to like running it 24/7 personally). Based on the numbers it would seem that my pump will be off around 10 hours a day if my FC readings start to come back the way I think they will. I live in NY state, so later in the summer/autumn, my heater is needed more often, and needing it off for 10 hours because of the SWG will not be ideal. In hindsight, I wish I had been more aware of separate timers or timers that can operate more than 1 device.

1) Does anyone else operate a Pentair or any SWG for that matter with just the % increments that it offers and then adjust with a manual timer? It would seem like I will constantly be adjusting it.

2) Intermatic has a 3 circuit timer (Model#PE153), and i see Pentair has the 523317 INTELLICONNECT. Does anyone use any of these or something else to control their SWG? I know the latter has an app that gives you access to the % increments between the ones offered just on the cell itself. It also allows you to set times as well as set pump times, as it has several circuits.

3) My salt level is 3400. My cell says to have it at 3200-3400. I can taste the salt, its not particularly strong, but its there. Is that just par for the course with salt pools?

Thanks for reading, I just wanted to check in and see if my current experience is typical and just the way it is with SWG's, or if I'm not setup right.



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Jul 7, 2014
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See the saltwater section of this chart.. FC/CYA Chart

If you try to keep your FC between your minimum FC and your target FC it will just drive you crazy, and it is way too much work...

I suggest that you just try to run at your target FC or higher. Look at your minimum as a cliff that you never want to fall off.

It is impossible to set your SWCG so that it holds say an FC of 6. Each day is different... sunny or not sunny, heavy pool use or light pool use, etc

Other than right at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season, I rarely have to adjust my SWCG's output. I run my pump 24/7 and only use the SWCG's output level for adjusting my FC level.


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May 23, 2015
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Pentair IC’s work great when you have them connected to a Pentair automation system (EasyTouch or IntelliCenter) as that gives you control of the output in 1% increments. They are not so great when they are mixed and matched with conflicting vendors. You have a mix of Pentair, Hayward, AquaCal and Intermatic - that’s really not optimal. A CircuPool SWG would have been a better choice for your situation.

If you want to run your pump 24/7 (it’s really not that important and I hardly believe the anecdotal evidence that pumps are best left on all the time), then do so. If you set the SWG to 20% it will not increase FC forever. The lose rate increases with FC concentration so it will top out. If you leave it at 10% the loss rate will not always be 0.5ppm/24hrs, it’s not that precise and stable. You are overthinking it too much. Just set it and forget it but test every so often to make sure your water is ok.

Pentair IC’s can operate anywhere from 2800ppm all the way up to 4500ppm salinity. FC output is mostly unaffected by salinity in that range. There is nothing magical about 3400ppm. The salty taste is subjective to most … I can hardly tell my water is salty while my wife definitely tastes it.


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Mar 21, 2016
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I run my pump 24/7 and set my SWG at 30%. Like mentioned above a salt water pool has a different non sticky feel so no harm in running your FC at 7 or 8 or even higher.
I have a lot of tree cover ( why I run my pump a lot ) so my FC stays around 7 or 8.

I tried keeping my FC low and it worked for a few months until a storm hit and dumped a lot of rain and green junk then I spent the next week getting it leveled out :(

Now I can leave town for 2 weeks and come back to the same pool I left
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