Anyone use an EcoJet robot?

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Sep 2, 2009
Killen, AL
I am looking for a robot and the EcoJet seems like a good deal - if it works. It uses water jets instead of brushes and only climbs up to 60 degree walls but I mainly want the bottom and slanted sides cleaned. Does anyone have one of these with slanted walls and does it climb them adequately?


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Jul 6, 2008
New Jersey
I have an Jet Max Jr, a similar machine without the fancy sounding Eco friendly part. The problem with the Eco machines is once it touches the water you can't return them. I have a Polaris 9300 which I use every couple of days, but when I really want my pool to sparkle I use the Jet Max, it just filters the water so well, better than the pool filter . The Jet Max jr does climb a slanty wall but won't do a 90 degree wall. I would look into the Polaris 9300, great machine ,decent price .My pool is a little bigger than yours at 25 x 45 ,33K gallons so it might work out differently for you . Just my .02


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Jul 2, 2010
I just got an EcoJet Turbo (the $599 unit) to replace my 5 year old Aquabot Turbo which cost me about $1000 when I got it. I was happy with the performance of the Aquabot when it worked but it needed too many parts to repair and it seemed time to replace it.
The EcoJet seems to clean just as well as the Aquabot did. It climbs the wall just fine in the shallow but doesn't quite make it all the way up in the deeper part of the pool, but I don't care. Its mainly the grit on the bottom that I care about. Its not a big deal to manually brush the walls once in a while and most of the grit then settles on the floor where it will be picked up by the EcoJet.

It is also a great inprovement over the tracks on the aquabot which worked ok but wore out after a few seasons and were expensive and kind of a pain to replace. Also the bag assembly is similiar but seems to be improved from the aquabot. Overall highly recommended.

If you are concerned about the climbing it appears from the descriptions that the more expensive models EcoJet Plus and EcoJet Pro do a better job of climbling, but I don't necessarily think they are worth the extra money. But I don't think you could go wrong with any of those models.


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Jul 27, 2010
I purchased an EcoJet Pro and it moves to fast on the flat pool bottom to adequately suck up all debris, and it will not climb to the waterline. The power supply is not weatherproof and will need to be protected from heavy rain, sprinklers, or even splashes. The power supply did cut off on me a couple of times, but that may have been after the EcoJet got stuck on my vinyl bottom at one of the uneven ridges.

I like the handles to pull it out of the water and it is lighter than the Dolphin and Baracuda that I used previously.


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Jul 2, 2010
Yes it works. I've had my EcoJet for about a month and its terrific. I have 90 degree walls that start out slightly rounded. The EcoJet sometimes goes up them,
I still manually brush the walls but its really the floor that I got the droid for and it does a great job on that. Since it "kind of" works on my 90 degree walls, I would lay strong odds that it'll be just fine on your 60 degree walls.


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May 15, 2011
I have been using the EcoJet plus for a few weeks now and I could not be more happy with it. Our pool has a sloped base but steep walls so we were not sure if it would climb or clean the walls. When we purchased it we decided that we would just sweep the walls if it didnt climb as we wanted a model with wheels for longevity and all of the 90 degree certified cleaners are on tracks that breakdown. Happy to report that the EcoJet plus is amazing and climbs our walls around the entire pool, it even comes out of the water a bit which the kids love. If your pool has a bit of a slope at the base it should climb and clean. Best thing we have ever purchased for the pool.


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Oct 27, 2007
Parkland, FL
i have seen these type of jet robots before, was thinking of getting one of these, at least the essential only seems to have one pump instead of 2 pumps to break. any problems with them getting stuck? i'd probably pass on the more expensive models as there are more things to break.

only drawback is no wall climbing.


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May 20, 2011
I just bought the Ecojet $599 model with jets. it climbs walls great. However, About every 15 minutes it will climb a wall or come to the top and some air seems to get in it and can't get back down on its own. I even tried putting a couple of fishing weights in the interior built in foam. I am not using any of the floats that came with it. Has anyone had this problem? It is not in the trouble shooting guide.


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Jun 24, 2011
I bought Eco-jet Pro and used it 3 times so far. It does clean, but it takes longer than the 2 or 3 hours they advertise. My disappointment is the inordinate amount of time I spend cleaning the filter. Specs recommend cleaning it after every use. So far I've been spending as much as 1/2 hr. to extract dirt and particles from filter. Eco-Jet tech support confirmed that it should only be done with a water hose, which is what I am using. They don't recommend putting it in washing machine, or diswashing machine. I was more than disappointed when they asked how dirty my pool was. Their marketing brags that this product doesn't require the pool pump to be operating, We all know that a pool is dirtiest when you first open it. Although this is not even the case here. I had previously cleaned the pool with my Kreepy Krawler, but admittedly had neglected it for the past few weeks prior to using the robot. This is the only model with a Filter Cylinder as opposed to a filter bag. Supposedly it catches more particles. I don't disagree, I just find it takes too long to clean after each use. If the hose water pressure is moderately strong, all it does is move the particles further into the filter. In other words it is doing it's job too good. Filters are supposed to last the lifetime of the robot. Anyone else have a similar experience, or a better filter cleaning option for this model?


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Jan 6, 2012
I've got a pretty large gunite pool which is rectangular in shape. We ordered an ecojet plus based off of a recommendation and couldn't be happier. We've owned a dolphin diagnostic and an Aquabot Turbo in the past, and this Ecojet easily pays for itself based on how little maintenance it requires.
Our pool walls are pretty vertical with a slight curve at the bottom, so this machine has been able to climb walls and the front steps without a problem. Just keep the bag clean and store it when not in use. Easily the best cleaner we've owned up to now.


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